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Assurance and Advisory Services

At Galliard & Associates, the goal is to provide the best in assurance and advisory services for businesses in the greater Largo, MD area. For many businesses, having these services provides the capacity to make the best informed decisions about the future of your company. To have a trusted firm providing the best in assurance and advisory services brings peace of mind when making important business decisions.

What are Assurance Services?

This is an independent professional service provided by certified public accountants and accounting firms with the stated goal of improving the information in terms of substance and context so that the individual or business owner can make the best informed decision based on their current financial situation. Assurance services provide the professional and independent opinions that greatly reduce the risk of making poor decision based on the lack of information.

In addition to providing assurance services, there is also advisory services that are different in the sense that they are based more on recommendations for potential future events or perhaps implementing a new procedure into the financial aspect of your business. The difference is that assurance services tells you where your company is at financially while the advisory services indicates where it may go in the future.

To have both of these services providing by Gaillard & Associates means that your business gets the best of both worlds from a professional company that has established a well-earned reputation since its formation in 2002.

Assurance & Advisory Services

There are a number of services provided by Gaillard & Associates that includes, but it not limited to the following;

  • Business Valuations
  • Circular A-123 Reviews
  • Compilations & Reviews
  • Financial Statement Audits: Including CFO Act audits
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Medicare Audits
  • Performance & Compliance Audits
  • Program Audits and More

Your company will get the full evaluation from the independent experts of Gaillard & Associates which provides you with the information needed so that you have a better understanding of the financial situation of your business.

All of these services provides for every business in the Largo, MD area the ability to fully evaluate and understand their current circumstances when it comes to all the important financial aspects of your company.

Why Choose Gaillard & Associates?

There are a number of reasons why Gaillard & Associates should stand by your side when it comes to the financial aspects of your business. But arguably the most important reason is that they provide the best in assurance and advisory services because it is based on their extensive professional experience, deep knowledge of the financial aspects of companies, and how they strive to provide the best independent viewpoint so that you can make the most informed decisions for your company.

It is these reasons and more that has made Gaillard & Associates the leading certified public accounting and management consulting firm in the greater Largo, MD area. For the future of your business efforts, call the professionals at Gaillard & Associates today.


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